During 2020 and 2021, our use of gardens and outdoor spaces at home transformed. Across the UK, people began to find new ways to use their outdoor space, driven by the need to work from home or keep social gatherings to outside areas.

At the same time, new opportunities for home-based businesses and hybrid work contracts mean that the number of people regularly working from home has increased dramatically.

The garden room trend

As a result of our changing habits and use of outside space, garden rooms have become incredibly popular. Whether for home working, a fitness or wellness studio, cocktail bar, kids’ playroom, games room or just a space to sit and relax, garden rooms fulfil many uses. Amazingly, they’re also incredibly easy to install.

What is a garden room?

The concept of a garden room today is radically different to what it was just a few years ago. Today’s modern garden rooms are made designed to look good, made from durable materials, equipped with power and insulation and make an attractive addition for any outside space, whatever use they’re put to.

A key benefit of the typical garden room is that it’s a standalone structure that, being less than 2.5m in height, does not require any planning permission.

Garden rooms provide extra space for a huge range of uses and come in different sizes and layouts to suit your available garden space or requirements. And perhaps most importantly of all, they offer a cost-effective alternative to either extending your home or converting an existing internal space such as an attic.

7 reasons you need a garden room

Why you need a garden room will vary according to your personal or family needs and preferences, but let’s look at a few of the main reasons they’ve become so popular.

1. A garden room creates a boundary between work and home life

Running your own business from home is a lifestyle choice for many, yet for some, the option to turn a room in the house into an office isn’t feasible.

Without a dedicated workspace at home, people may end up working in a kitchen or a bedroom, and for them, a garden room offers an opportunity to separate work life from home life. Even just a short walk from garden room to back door can offer a clear line between the end of the working day and the return to home life.

2. Alternative to commuting

Many employers are reporting that they do not expect workers to return to the office full time for the moment – or indefinitely. The Zoom calls that many office workers have grown so used to are now widely preferred to a commute by train, bus or car.
If commuting isn’t for you, then a dedicated garden office at home is a great alternative. Getting to work has never been so easy!

3. Cut your rent bill

Many business owners feel the need to rent an office, room or desk in a dedicated or shared office, where the costs can run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year.

Investing in a garden room for your own home office, therapy room or exercise studio offers you a great alternative, and what’s more, you can customise it to your own requirements. Plus you’ll potentially recoup that initial cost of your garden room investment from the savings on your monthly rent bill as well as the cost of your journeys to work.

4. Alternative to an extension or moving house

Most of us need more space as we go through life and acquire more possessions or as our families grow. Traditionally, we tend to move from our rental property to a starter home and then on to larger houses. At some point, many of us consider an extension or loft conversion. But if all we need is additional space, a garden room offers a cost-effective alternative. With a range of sizes, layouts and formats, a garden room can be a durable addition to a house but without the cost or upheaval of either moving or extending.
By the way, an INASPACE garden room is also relocatable, meaning that if you do move in the future, you can take it with you.

5. A space for peace and quiet

Busy lifestyles and less time can be a recipe for all sorts of stresses and mental strains. Sometimes, what’s needed is a place to ‘get away from it all’ – but it need not involve much effort.

A garden room can offer an opportunity for peace, calm and tranquillity. A chance to wind down, reflect and relax in your own dedicated space where you can enjoy a bit of solitude.

6. Teenage bolt hole

Youngsters today need more space than ever and time to play or simply hang out with their mates. Yet having a houseful of teenagers isn’t every parent’s ideal, so a garden room can offer them a place they can call their own.

Depending on where your garden room is, they can crank up their music, set up their games console and socialise without having to worry (too much) about keeping the noise down.

7. Space for entertaining

To complement any outdoor space, your garden room can offer a great place to relax with friends and family. Whether it’s by the barbecue, hot tub or swimming pool, your garden room gives you space for entertaining, so as the sun goes down there’s no need to retire to the house.

At the end of the night, just close the doors and head off to bed – no need to worry about clearing up until the morning!


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