If you work from home, you’ll know that managing your personal working patterns can bring many benefits, but also some challenges. Staying motivated and developing good habits can be hard to do with distractions at home away from the normal office environment. Are you allowing yourself to be as efficient as you could be, or could you boost your productivity when working from home?

What is personal productivity?

Research has shown that most people are only productive for about 3 hours each day. As the average working day is around 7 hours, this means over half of it is wasted.

For those who work at home, personal productivity is linked to the space in which they work. And that’s where garden rooms come in. They’re the perfect place to optimise a working day.

If you want to improve your productivity, the first stage of any meaningful change is self-reflection.

For many people, productivity is about being focused, self-motivated, getting the biggest and most challenging tasks out of the way at the start of the day, or breaking down large tasks into small, achievable feats.

In other words, by finding ways to work smarter and more efficiently, you are more productive.

The importance of a quiet home working space

To maximise your output, you need to feel confident, organised and inspired as soon as you step into your working space. Evidence shows that an unsuitable working environment, or one that comes with lots of distractions is simply not good for productivity. 

A garden room can help boost productivity when working from home by offering privacy with peace and quiet for fewer distractions helping to promote a good working practice.

Garden Room with an open door furnished with a rig, pictures and desk

Take regular breaks and step into fresh air

As well as having a distraction-free setting to work in, taking regular breaks is also vital for personal productivity, particularly if work pattern involves long stretches of focused concentration.

Working at home in a garden room means you’re free to take a break when you want and to choose what you do with it.

With regular breaks you can make clear-headed decisions as you go through your day, enabling you to work in the most productive way. The sanctuary of a garden office gives you more control to structure your day in a way that suits you.

Being efficient in short bursts

People may be at their most productive at different times of the day. For example, some people get their best work done early in the morning whilst others find their efficiency picks up in the evenings.

Working in a garden office means you can start as early as you like without disturbing the rest of the house – or work late when everyone is at home and domestic life is potentially at its busiest.

Your garden room gives you a private, professional space to work independently, talk with colleagues or clients and join in meetings outside of normal working hours if you need to.

Garden rooms offer more light for a healthier work environment

Exposure to natural light has been proven to increase productivity. Research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that employees who worked in natural lighting could focus on a task for 15 percent longer than those who worked in artificial light.

 One of the chief advantages of a garden office – depending on where you position it – is that it will be flooded with natural light, providing you with a bright and airy workspace. INASPACE’S garden rooms are designed with glass doors to make the most of natural light.


Employees who work in natural lighting could focus on a task for 15% longer

Organise your own workspace the way you like it

Another way of increasing your productivity is to keep your workspace tidy and organised around your own personal needs.

Your garden room is your space, so you can customise it with your own furnishings, organise your filing and storage according to your own system, so you can be personally organised.

If it means you spend less time looking for resources and documents filed by colleagues and more time on your vital core tasks, it will help boost productivity when working from home.

Garden Room with assorted chair, bookshelf and table

Using Meditation to boost productivity

Many people like to meditate or just take some time to destress in whatever way suits them. Partaking in short bursts of meditation at points during the working day has been proven to increase concentration levels over sustained periods of time and improve accuracy.

Yet most offices offer little opportunity or space for meditation, and meditating at the desk maybe frowned on, and in a chaotic, unhealthy office space may be impossible.

By working in your garden room, you have the opportunity to take a few minutes of welcome peace and quiet to switch off and de-stress, boosting your mental health and wellbeing and, as a result, your personal productivity.

Using a garden room to work from home

Using your garden room as an office offers you the best opportunity to fulfil your productivity potential, and to focus on achieving your work goals.

If you do work from home, then working in a garden office gives you more control over your space and working environment, the freedom to plan your working day and punctuate it with stress-relieving breaks, fresh and air and natural light, and in so doing to boost your personal productivity.



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