Home Office – Custom Room

A space to work and play, away from the home.


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Business Professional, Hertfordshire

Anna needed a dedicated space away from the family areas within the home. As a business professional, a separate area to work was essential. Keen to kip fit, in and around a busy work schedule, customising the Room, allowed for the incorporation of gym equipment.


The Custom Room was the perfect solution, with the ability to have a space for both a desk and a spin bike! Additional outdoor lighting and an upgraded central, sliding door, to allow for an open and airy feel – enjoying the best of the spring and summer months.


With the garden space being narrow, it was important that the Room was neatly tucked away to the back of the garden, fitting exactly between the property boundries. 


The perfect solution for a family who require more space at home, for both work and play, without compromise.

Room to work out…

…and Room to Work!

“The extra Room outside of the house to work in has really helped with my work/life balance!”


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