Art Studio – Room6

Make Room for a better way to relax
and enjoy your home and your hobbies.

Artist, Cambridge

Phoebe wanted a focussed space away from the main house, in the garden to pursue her passion for still life painting.


A dedicated space would allow her to be organised with her paints and focussed without interruption.


Nestled in the cottage garden, a place to inspire creativity.


Secluded in amongst the apple trees, natural light in abundance and workspace a plenty.

“Superb design, modern, sleek, attractive, spacious, quiet, light and warm. The perfect little retreat or private space to work in or be creative. Or you can just sit quietly, watching and listening to the birds.”

A Room with a view.

Stylised to suit your home.


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Unit 23 Greenfield, Orchard Road Industrial Estate, Royston, Nr Cambridge, SG8 5HN