Summer House – Room6+

Step inside to turn in, tune in and drop out.
This is the Room where it all happens.

Business Owner and DJ, Cambridge

James needed a dedicated space in which to make and enjoy music away from the main house, freeing up precious space in the home for the family. Having recently installed an outdoor jacuzzi, a garden room would be the perfect complement to DJ to family and friends, whilst in the pool.


A place in the home for the love of music, to get organised with the vinyl collection and entertain family and friends.


Nestled snuggly in the corner of the garden overlooking the jacuzzi.


A personal, dedicated leisure space for the family to enjoy.

“I had been considering a garden studio for some time, even before we entered a new era of working from home. The quality of the studio and its modern, contemporary look was exactly what I was looking for.”

A Room to call your own.

Make Room to play.


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Unit 23 Greenfield, Orchard Road Industrial Estate, Royston, Nr Cambridge, SG8 5HN