January can be a dreary, difficult month for many people. Money may be tight after Christmas, the days are cold, dark and short and Spring still seems quite far away.

When we allow the January blues to get us down, it’s all too easy to let the New Year pass us by without taking the opportunity to make a fresh start, ditch our unhealthy habits and change our ways for the better.

So for January 2022, why not set yourself some positive goals for the year ahead and join the many people who resolve to make improvements to their life as well as their home?

Home is where you spend most of your time so should best support your physical and mental wellbeing. Here at INASPACE, we’ve been looking at the connection between lifestyle, personal space and the opportunity for peace, quiet and personal space that a garden room can bring. It can make an important contribution to feeling happier, healthier and more hopeful!


Here’s our guide to making your investment in a garden room an investment in you.

Resetting your work-life balance

It’s extremely easy to slip into bad working habits that position your job at the centre of your life, pushing loved ones, hobbies and personal wellbeing to the periphery.

For some, working from home can exaggerate this issue as it blurs the lines between free-time and working hours. This can lead to overworking, putting your body through undue stress and making you more susceptible to colds and infections, but also other health problems such as high blood pressure and migraines.

If this is the case with you, it’s time to reset your work-life balance, and here’s how a garden room can help with that.

Working from home? Draw a line between home life and work life.

One solution to keep the temptation of overworking at bay when working from home is to fit out your Garden Room as a garden office, as this allows you to compartmentalise your space for work and free time. Heading to and from your garden office may also help you resist the temptation to casually dip into work outside of your contractual hours.

At the end of the day, you can turn off your work phone and computer and leave them behind while you enjoy some all-important down time in your home.


Working in a busy office environment? Use your garden room to unwind.

Conversely, if you work in an office or co-working space and want a bit of peace and quiet at the end of the day, a garden room can offer you a meaningful place to unwind after work.

Just as exercise sharpens your senses, quality relaxation, such as listening to music, reading a book or meditating, has been shown to improve memory, concentration and decision making.

Get more light

One of the biggest threats winter poses to our mental wellbeing is the lack of daylight. Due to the short days and the grey, chilly weather that dominates our British winters, many people struggle with feelings of depression and hopelessness.

Exposure to vitamin D via natural light affects the regulation of melatonin and serotonin which control our mood and sleep patterns.

A garden room can help you top up on daylight through the winter months as the large glass doors and soft colours encourage natural light to flood into the space. Spending time in your garden room working, chilling out or chatting with friends whilst literally immersed in daylight is a healing solution to feeling more energised and hopeful.

Man fixing foor on a garden room is beautiful sunshine

Declutter your life

Living with excess clutter is not conducive to positive mental health and has may well keep people tied to the baggage of the past.

A garden room can be furnished in minimalist style and is easy to keep clean and organised.

Working or relaxing in a garden room environment with only practical or useful objects can keep us rooted in the present and offer clarity and meaning.

At the same time, while we can rarely control the things that cause us stress, we can control how we handle stress. Escaping to a garden room can offer welcome respite when you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need a break.

Garden room set in the corner of a lawned garden with a grey moody sky

Revel in seclusion

Seclusion is often seen as a ‘negative’, but the distraction-free space offered by a garden room may be the perfect place to feel centred and focus on the new, healthy routines that should be part of your unique lifestyle.

The motivating effects of seclusion in your garden room might be just the incentive you need to pick up those New Year’s resolutions to read more or start yoga!

Man holding mug

Next steps

Doing more of what you love sometimes requires a suitable space, and our highly versatile INASPACE garden rooms can give you that.

The positive effects of your living or working space on your mental and physical health are not to be downplayed, nor are the links between mind, body and environment. Investing in an INASPACE garden room could be a powerful and positive first step in creating your inner peace and may have far-reaching consequences for improving your life.

Make that move now by calling us on +44 (0) 330 912 1472 or emailing hello@inaspace.com to find out more about our range of garden rooms.


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