How you use your garden room is a personal or family choice. It may be a workout space, a home cinema, a home office space or a space for the kids to chill out undisturbed by their pesky parents.

Garden room usage may also vary depending on the time of year. But while the outside temperatures may plummet and the chilly wind may blow in the winter months, there’s no real need to change what you do in your garden room.

A garden room can be essentially like an extension of your home, and even though some people associate garden rooms with summer, it would be a waste not to get full use out of it in the winter too.

That’s why we’ve created this short list of questions and answers about owning and using a garden room through the colder months.

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1. Will my garden room keep me warm in winter?


This is one of the most frequent questions we’re asked by prospective garden room owners.

Unlike some of their forbears, today’s purpose-designed and purpose-built garden rooms are constructed from high quality, weather-resistant materials and are specifically designed to offer a warm living and working space all year round.

With efficient, PIR insulation in the underfloor, walls and ceilings, and with an electric wall-mounted thermostat-controlled heater built in, your garden room will keep you nice and toasty, no matter what the temperature outside.

2. Are garden rooms draft proof?


As well as being purpose designed for year-round use with top quality insulated materials, garden room windows and doors are double glazed and draft free.

High-quality double-glazed windows and doors complete the picture of heat-retaining efficiency during the winter months.

3. Will I be comfortable working through winter in my garden room?

We all know the winter days are notoriously short and dark, and weather conditions cold, wet and windy. Being outside in the garden is not everyone’s ideal!

But your insulated, draft-free garden room will keep you warm, cosy and dry no matter what the weather outside is doing.

Often, the lack of daylight can have an impact on our mood during winter, so if you’re using your garden room for work, the expansive, glazed doors and windows allow the winter light to flood in – often delivering more natural light than a dedicated study in the house would.

4. How can I brighten up my garden room for winter?

To help you transition your garden room from summer to the colder months, you might want to give it a seasonal makeover!

Switching up the decor to include comfy rugs and cosy throws will quickly set the scene. Adding a festive-themed fragrance and some Christmas decorations also wouldn’t be in bad taste as you get into December (or earlier if you’re particularly eager!)

Not only that, but if your ‘summer room’ isn’t all that summery anymore, there are plenty of other alternative uses for it.

Try creating your own home cinema or a Santa’s grotto for your kids. You could also make your own home bar in the festive season, and convert it to your personal gym (membership free of course!) as you resolve to shed those extra pounds in the New Year.

It’s official! Your garden Room is perfected for winter use!


It’s clear your garden room can offer you a warm, cosy, dry and draft-free place to work or relax during the winter months. As much as it can offer a bright, fresh and open living space in the summer.

Just make sure that when you select your garden room, it’s insulated, double glazed and can be heated – and is made from weatherproof materials.


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