Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 more people than ever are working from home, either out of necessity or choice. However, the shift from working in an office or co-working space to working from home comes with many challenges, including finding a convenient place from which to work.

For many, this space needs to feel private, professional and distinct from your family home. That’s why our range of garden offices is designed to fulfil these criteria.

Working from home in a garden office comes with a multitude of benefits that nourish your all-important healthy work-life balance whilst also stimulating your productivity, so you can both feel and perform your best. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider investing in a garden office.

Choice and flexibility

Working from home in a garden office offers flexibility.

In a commercial office, your working hours are mostly defined for you and may revolve around when you can physically get into the building. Indeed, even when you work from home, if you don’t have a dedicated workspace, then it may be difficult to fit your working patterns around the rhythms of your household.

On the other hand, a garden office offers privacy, calm and freedom to set your own schedule. You’re guaranteed the benefit of a bespoke space to call your own where you can crack on with work at whatever time of the day suits you best without worrying about being disrupted – or disrupting others.

Personalised space


In a co-working space or commercial office, your ability to customise the interior design of your surroundings to your own taste is going to be limited and may impact your motivation levels and even productivity.

With your own office, this isn’t the case and so you’re free to furnish it to your own preferences and personalise its appearance as much as you wish.

Furthermore, as well as offering different sizes and colours, you can customise the internal walls and floors of your INASPACE garden office.



A quick commute

Once your garden room is in place, you can kiss goodbye to the daily routine of commuting by train, bus or car every day – provided your job allows you to work at home.

Many employers now offer hybrid working, either based at home or based part time at the office and part time remote.

Many small businesses can also easily be based in a garden room, whether it’s for health and wellness services, massage therapy or beauty therapy – or business services such as legal or accounting.

With electrical supply, insulation and heating, your garden office or treatment room will be a short hop from your door to a cosy and comfortable working environment.

Peace and quiet 


If you found yourself based at home during the pandemic, but without the benefit of a dedicated space to work, there will probably have been occasions when you found it challenging.

For example, when working at home with small kids, even with the joy of being able to spend more time with the family, finding a quiet place to get your head into work can be taxing. Added to that, street noise, deliveries and unexpected phone calls can all disrupt the flow of your workday.

A garden office, with its glass panelling to bathe your workspace in sunlight, can be a sanctuary for anyone who needs to work in a dedicated, peaceful place, free from interruptions and distractions.


Financially beneficial 


When you add up the cost of commuting to an office or co-working space every day with the additional costs such as buying lunch and hot drinks, you may find that investing in a garden office is actually a more economical decision for you.

INASPACE garden rooms start at £6,995, equating to just £9.58 a day over two years. On top of these savings, it could be a good investment too as research shows that a garden office can add as much as 8% value to your home.

Plus, after the initial payment there are no other maintenance costs as INASPACE rooms are made from eco-friendly modern composite materials that don’t require constant treating.


increase to house value by owning a garden room

Good for personal wellbeing


Whether you’re working at an office or from home, it’s important to build regular breaks into your schedule. Yet it’s often easier said than done.

When you work from your own garden office, you can be more in control of when you take a break and what you do with your time. Why not install yourself a coffee machine, listen to soothing music through your own sound system and close your eyes in a comfy chair or get some fresh air in your lungs by stepping outside into your garden.

These moments of ‘down time’ are proven to be important in an otherwise busy working day, and as well as being good for overall wellbeing can make you feel inspired and energised as well as improving your personal productivity when you return to your desk.


Great for the planet 

We all know that commuting consumes lots of energy whether it’s by train or car, and we’re all being told to cut down our journeys wherever possible.

Working from home not only reduces your carbon footprint by cutting out your commute, but also puts you in control of your energy consumption and recycling – both of which are largely out of your hands when working in an office. 



of our cladding is made from recycled materials

INASPACE garden offices are designed with an eye to sustainability.

Our cladding is made from 100% recycled plastic and the floors, walls and ceilings are insulated, keeping your heating energy usage to a minimum. They’re a sustainable, attractive and valuable investment for anyone who works from home.


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